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Palm Kernel Shells

Palm kernel shells (palm kernel shells) are the remains of the shell fragments after the palm kernels are removed and crushed in the palm oil mill. Palm shells are a fibrous material and easy to handle until the product is ready to be marketed. Palm kernel shell is the shell fraction that remains after the nuts are removed following crushing in the Palm Oil mill. It is a fibrous material, tawny in color and can easily be handled in bulk right from the product line to the end use. Due to its high calorific value, averaging 4000 Kcal/kg, and low ash content, it is considered an attractive fuel source in energy production from renewable sources.

Palm shells are useful as boiler fuel, which converts waste into steam which can drive turbine engines. In addition, it also functions to operate all steam-based machines. The resulting fire pressure also has a maximum and greater level of heat power.

Specifications :

A. Local and export screening

  • Origin   : Indonesia
  • Capacity   : 50,000 MT / month
  • Type     : screening

B. Local and export non-screening

  • Origin   : Indonesia
  • Capacity : 8,000 MT / month
  • Type   : non-screening
  • Type   : dura / tenera / mix

Payment system and MOQ :


A. screening    : bulk
B. non-screening  : bulk


  1. Export screening    : $125/MT FOB MV product document complete export
  2. Local screening      : $123/MT FOB MV product document complete
  3. Non screening export   : $115/MT FOB MV document product complete export
  4. Local non-screening  : $98/MT factory pickup $112/MT FOB Barge/Jetty


Advance T/T (cash in advance), T/T as down payment 80% + L/C as payment 20%, L/C (IRREVOCABLE/AT SIGHT)


Exwork / FOB


A. export screening     : 10,000 MT
B. local screening      : 5,000 MT
C. non-screening exports : 5,000 MT
D. local non-screening   : 1,000 MT
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