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Banana Leaves

Banana leaves are leaves produced by banana plants. Banana leaves in Indonesian cuisine have a major role as a support for decoration, complement, and food packaging, besides that they are also used in various religious activities. Traditions like this are also known in many places in South Asia and Southeast Asia.

Banana leaves contain the same large amount of polyphenols as tea leaves, in the form of EGCG, so that they produce a distinctive aroma when used as food additives.
As a food packer, there are various techniques for folding banana leaves for different functions. In culinary treasures in Indonesia, the following techniques are known:

  • pincuk (replaces plates for gravy food containers, open, usually for liwet rice, pecel, and satay)
  • pinjung (food wrapper with soup, covered, for bothok, meniran)
  • takir (substitute for bowls for gravy food containers, open, usually for jenang)
  • terpelang (rice or sticky rice unit wrapper, covered)
  • tum (wrapper for gravy food container, closed)
  • samir (sheet-shaped food mat)
  • willing (small food mat, snack container)
  • spoon/siru/suru (long strips of banana leaves to be used as spoons)
  • Chopsticks (triangular-shaped wrapper, usually used to package tempeh)

Specifications :

  • Type   : Stone Banana Leaf
  • Origin   : Indonesia
  • Width   : 40-55cm
  • Length : 100 – 115 cm

Specifications :

  • Type  : Kepok/Klutuk Banana Leaves
  • Origin  : Indonesia
  • Width  : 35 – 60 cm
  • Length : 100 – 120 cm

Payment system and MOQ :

  • Price Stone banana leaves      : $ 4,055/MT collection at the factory
  • Price Banana leaves kepok/klutuk  : $5,100/MT of collection at the factory
  • Packaging             : inner plastic, outer carton/brand box
  • Payment              : Advance T/T (cash in advance), T/T as down                    payment 80% + L/C as payment 20%, L/C                    (IRREVOCABLE/AT SIGHT)
  • Incoterm              : Exwork / FOB / CIF
  • MOQ                : 1 20ft container


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